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Crédit maximal


Deal in brief

Save up to 20% on a new DCA-M Sampling Oscilloscope N1092A, N1092B, N1092C, N1092D, N1092E, N1094A, N1094B.

Why change?

  • Much smaller foot print than traditional sampling scope frames
  • Great for manufacturing environments
  • Lower price points
  • But still work with all options including new FlexEye application
  • Optical and Electrical options from 10 to 50GHz
  • Lower noise floors

* Terms and Conditions

  • The Trade-In unit must be in working condition without major optical damages to receive the full credit.
  • Credits apply to new Keysight product and hardware options; not to Keysight software bought with the same order and with a separate model number.
  • Credit values are approximate and vary by currency and country, for one new and one Trade-In unit, and may change any time without prior notice.
  • The Trade-In credit and purchase agreement (PA) discounts are combinable.

Keysight Trade‑In

"Participez-vous pour la première à notre programme Trade‑In ? Ne vous faites pas de souci. Des experts comme moi vous feront apprécier ce programme. Nous vous aiderons à recevoir d’importants crédits sur les instruments neufs et à personnaliser vos commandes en fonction de vos besoins."

Steve Long

Spécialiste Keysight Trade‑In &
Premium Used