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Keysight Trade‑In

N8973B, N8974B, N8975B, N8976B

X-Series Noise Figure Analyzers

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Deal in brief

Receive a credit* of up to 50% when trading a Keysight / Agilent N897xA towards a new noise figure analyzer N8973B, N8974B, N8975B, N8976B.

Why change?

The new NFA X-Series noise figure analyzers are the simple way to make reliable and repeatable measurements up to 40 GHz. With built-in expertise and a best-in-class USB preamplifier, our NFAs help you minimize uncertainty.

  • Frequency ranges from 10 MHz to 3.6, 7, 26.5 or 40 GHz; up to 110 GHz with K-Series block downconverters
  • Multi-touch interface allows stretch, pinch, and drag gestures
  • NFA X-Series are functional replacements for the N897xA models
  • Flexibility to meet your specific frequency range of interest
  • Most menus can be accessed with a tap of a finger without changing screens
  • Make smooth, cost-effective transition with backward SCPI compatibility with improved measurement uncertainty
  • Automatically imports calibration, measurement and instrument parameters
  • Simplify uncertainty calculations using the built-in uncertainty calculator

* Terms and conditions

  • Customer warrants that, when delivered, Trade-In products will be complete** and in good working condition***, with no interior, exterior or performance modification.
  • Credits apply to new Keysight product and hardware options; not to Keysight software bought with the same order and with a separate model number.
  • Actual percentages and amounts in local currency may vary based on the option configurations, currency exchange rates and other factors that may cause the credit to change without notice.
  • Rental partners are not eligible.
  • The Trade-In credit and purchase agreement (PA) discounts are combinable however the credit will be reduced by the amount of the PA discount.

** Trade-In products will include, at a minimum, all hardware, software and component parts needed for the Trade-In products to operate.

*** All parts of the Trade-In products will operate in accordance with their original specifications, pass their start up performance tests and be free of major cosmetic damage.
Current calibration on the unit is not required.

Keysight Trade‑In

"Participez-vous pour la première à notre programme Trade‑In ? Ne vous faites pas de souci. Des experts comme moi vous feront apprécier ce programme. Nous vous aiderons à recevoir d’importants crédits sur les instruments neufs et à personnaliser vos commandes en fonction de vos besoins."

Steve Long

Spécialiste Keysight Trade‑In &
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