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Keysight Trade‑In

E5080A, E5071C/72A, E5061B/63A

ENA series network analyzers

Maximum credit*


* To attain the full listed credit, the equipment being traded in must be fully operational. The percentages and USD amounts displayed are estimates of the credit that will be provided toward the purchase of new Keysight hardware. Actual percentages and amounts in local currency may vary based on the option configurations, currency exchange rates, and other factors that may cause the credit to change without notice. Due to the export laws of some countries (e.g. Russia) credit values may be significantly different than displayed. If you have a purchase agreement it may affect the Trade‑In credit - check with your sales representative.

Deal in brief

Receive a credit* of up to 40% when you trade eligible models toward a new Keysight E5080A, E5071C, E5072A, E5061B, E5063A ENA RF or E5061B-3L5 LF-RF network analyzer.

Why change?

Get superior performance from improved features and specifications

  • Improve test quality with > 20 dB (E5080A) and >10 dB (E5071C/72A/61B) improvement in dynamic range and much lower trace noise.
  • Increase test throughput with measurement speeds that are 40x (E5080A), 25x (E5071C/72A) or 10x (E5061B) faster.
  • Reduce measurement uncertainty with 4x improvement in long-term measurement stability.
  • Improve the efficiency of amplifier testing with built-in bias tees and AUX ports for simultaneous DC measurements (E5080A/72A/71C).
  • Simplify multiport device tests with optional E5092A multiport test set.
  • Economize 8753 migration with the E5063A.

Keysight Trade‑In

"Are you new to our Trade‑In program? Don’t worry. Experts like me will help you have a positive Trade‑In experience. We’ll help you to receive major credits on new instruments and can even tailor a deal to fit your needs."

Steve Long

Keysight Trade‑In &
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