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Keysight Trade‑In


Network analyzers

Maximum credit*


* To attain the full listed credit, the equipment being traded in must be fully operational. The percentages and USD amounts displayed are estimates of the credit that will be provided toward the purchase of new Keysight hardware. Actual percentages and amounts in local currency may vary based on the option configurations, currency exchange rates, and other factors that may cause the credit to change without notice. Due to the export laws of some countries (e.g. Russia) credit values may be significantly different than displayed. If you have a purchase agreement it may affect the Trade‑In credit - check with your sales representative.
System include the base model, test set(s) and source(s).

Deal in brief

Receive a credit* of up to 25% or USD $16,000  when you trade any eligible model on our extensive list toward a new Keysight N522xA Series network analyzer.

Why change?

Get superior performance from improved features and specifications

  • Simplify setups when testing high-power amplifiers and mixers with maximum leveled output power of +13 dBm.
  • Increase throughput while maintaining accuracy with dynamic range up to 130 dB.
  • Characterize devices more accurately with receiver compression point of up to +15 dBm.
  • Achieve faster characterization of device compression and distortion with GCA and IMD application options.
  • Reduce equipment count and simplify setups with four-port internal dual-source and application options.
  • Access a range of support resources that will help you solve tough test challenges.

Keysight Trade‑In

"Are you new to our Trade‑In program? Don’t worry. Experts like me will help you have a positive Trade‑In experience. We’ll help you to receive major credits on new instruments and can even tailor a deal to fit your needs."

Steve Long

Keysight Trade‑In &
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