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Keysight Trade‑In

B1505AU, N1265A

Power device analyzers/curve tracers

Maximum Credit*


* To attain the full listed credit, the equipment being traded in must be fully operational. The percentages and USD amounts displayed are estimates of the credit that will be provided toward the purchase of new Keysight hardware. Actual percentages and amounts in local currency may vary based the option configurations, currency exchange rates, and other factors that may cause the credit to change without notice. Due to the export laws of some countries (e.g. Russia) credit values may be significantly different than displayed. If you have a purchase agreement it may affect the Trade‑In credit - check with your sales representative.

Deal in brief

This Trade‑In deal will end August 29, 2014

Receive a credit* of up to 25% when you trade eligible models toward the purchase of a new Keysight B1501AU upgrade kit with option 011, 013 or 014. Alternatively, receive a credit* of up to 10% when trading eligible models toward the purchase of a new Keysight N1265A ultra-high current expander/fixture.

Why change?

Get improved specifications and features that provide superior capabilities

  • Improve research and design with sourcing/measurement capability and precision low-level measurements from sub-pA to 1500 A/10 kV by combining the B1505AU and N1265A.
  • Protect your equipment investment through the expandability and flexibility of the optional half-slot sized module.
  • Uncover previously hidden design problems with extensive device evaluation capabilities such as 10 µs pulsed temperature measurements and GaN current collapse effect.
  • Evaluate and analyze power devices with an all-in-one solution that provides support for a wide range of modules.

Keysight Trade‑In

"Are you new to our Trade‑In program? Don’t worry. Experts like me will help you have a positive Trade‑In experience. We’ll help you to receive major credits on new instruments and can even tailor a deal to fit your needs."

Steve Long

Keysight Trade‑In &
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