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Maximum credit*


Deal in brief

Receive a credit* of up to 40% when you trade eligible models from Keysight / Agilent, Rohde & Schwarz toward a new Keysight N9041B UXA X-Series signal analyzer.

Why change?

Make continuous sweeps up to 110 GHz

The complexity typically dealt with by designers, who have to deal with complicated down convertors, or external mixer often with images have been solved.

You can now see the whole image and focus on solving your design challenges rather than measurement complexity.

See your signal, identify spurs, or find an unknown interferer - no matter where it is in 110 GHz of spectrum!  

Capture lower-level spurious signals with DANL as low as -150 dBm/Hz (> 50 GHz)

The measurements of small signals due to spreading of power over wide bandwidths, and the inherently lossy nature of higher frequency signals makes solutions with great sensitivity important. When you also realize that Noise power scales with BW, degrading SNR and EVM one simply can’t afford to have noisy instrument. 

N9041B was architected from the ground up to have lowest possible noise floor. 

Furthermore, this sensitivity is available without a preamplifier which often distort when subject to high power input signals.

This means that this solution also allows for exceptional dynamic range for real world measurements like Spectrum Emission Mask (SEM).

Simplify analysis of the latest wideband signals:  1 GHz fully-integrated instantaneous bandwidth; 5 GHz with external IF output

Bandwidth availability is a key driver towards mmWave. The challenges faced by customers here require test tools allowing easy characterization of their devices with exceptional accuracy. 

The N9041B now offers industry's only 5 GHz analysis bandwidth (with an external oscilloscope) solution. It has exceptional flatness offering calibrated results leading to great EVM at mmWave. 5GHz should cover most significant applications in the commercial space. We recognize that top-tier/research houses are always push the envelope which is why we just as has always been the philosophy with the X-Series Signal Analyzers, this DIF has the potential to go even wider.

* Terms and conditions

  • Customer warrants that, when delivered, Trade-In products will be complete** and in good working condition***, with no interior, exterior or performance modification.
  • Credits apply to new Keysight product and hardware options; not to Keysight software bought with the same order and with a separate model number.
  • Actual percentages and amounts in local currency may vary based on the option configurations, currency exchange rates and other factors that may cause the credit to change without notice.
  • Rental partners are not eligible.
  • The Trade-In credit and purchase agreement (PA) discounts are combinable however the credit will be reduced by the amount of the PA discount.

** Trade-In products will include, at a minimum, all hardware, software and component parts needed for the Trade-In products to operate.

*** All parts of the Trade-In products will operate in accordance with their original specifications, pass their start up performance tests and be free of major cosmetic damage.
Current calibration on the unit is not required.

Keysight Trade‑In

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