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Keysight Trade‑In

InfiniiVision Oszilloskope, X-Serie

2000, 3000, 3000T, 4000, 6000

Maximaler Gutschriftsbetrag


Das Angebot im Überblick

Tauschen Sie Ihr aktuelles Oszilloskop (Mitbewerber oder Keysight/Agilent) ein und sichern Sie sich einen Preisnachlass von 30 % beim Kauf eines neuen InfiniiVision Oszilloskop mit bis zu zweifacher Bandbreite.

Warum etwas Ändern?

Multi-instrument integration 

  • You now get so much more than an oscilloscope. Add functionality such as MSO, integrated digital voltmeter, WaveGen function/arbitrary generator, serial protocol analyzer, or a 10 digit counter to select models.

Easy to use/responsive GUI that is designed for touch, capacitive touch displays 

  • The scopes are not only powerful, but fun and easy to use. Many models come with capacitive touch displays and the designed-for-touch GUI makes it easy to complete tasks.

Uses patented 4th generation technology (MegaZoom IV) to deliver unmatched performance 

  • MegaZoom IV technology integrates acquisition memory, waveform processing, and display memory into an advanced 13m ASIC. This technology delivers up to 1,000,000 acquisitions, ensuring you do not miss rare events in your signal.

* Terms and conditions

  • Customer warrants that, when delivered, Trade-In products will be complete** and in good working condition***, with no interior, exterior or performance modification.
  • Credits apply to new Keysight product and hardware options; not to Keysight software bought with the same order and with a separate model number.
  • Actual percentages and amounts in local currency may vary based on the option configurations, currency exchange rates and other factors that may cause the credit to change without notice.
  • Rental partners are not eligible.

** Trade-In products will include, at a minimum, all hardware, software and component parts needed for the Trade-In products to operate.

*** All parts of the Trade-In products will operate in accordance with their original specifications, pass their start up performance tests and be free of major cosmetic damage.
Current calibration on the unit is not required.

Keysight Trade‑In

"Nehmen Sie zum ersten Mal an unserem Trade‑In-Programm teil? Keine Sorge. Experten wie ich sorgen dafür, dass der Trade‑In so abläuft, wie Sie es wünschen. Wir verhelfen Ihnen zu attraktiven Gutschriften für neue Geräte und bei Bedarf unterbreiten wir Ihnen auch ein ganz individuelles Angebot.

Steve Long

Keysight Trade‑In &
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